Thank you science, the new and improved elektronisk sigarett has reached Denmark…!

A lifelong dream has eventually come true… In a month my web shop will be open for the 1. Time. I can’t wipe the smile off my face… I experienced trouble sleeping for days because I have been so extremely crazy with anticipation!! But in a minute the uninspiring wait is finally over. I very much pray to god that our shop will be experiencing some kind of success….! I am sure I have selected a strong product that without a doubt is able to attract both teenagers and grown-ups… In our mutual net shop everyone can buy a completely specific kind of elektronisk sigarett ( – AKA e sigarett ( – and in addition to this we will offer the e liquid (–e-juice)….! In recent years many men have begun to love the e sigarett. These smokers have started to really understand the up-sides that come with smoking an elektronisk sigarett. The e sigarett is not nearly as bad for your health as the normal one… So slow and steady it becomes ”normal” to light up an e sigarett. Obviously at first people found the elektronisk sigarett nerdy but today our giant hope is that the e sigarett isn’t so uncool anymore. Normally these thing just take a little bit of time…!

Yes, you are right – we have put a great deal of money into this online store. So of course I very much pray to that women and men are going to fall in love with the elektronisk sigarett – & buy it in my newly launched shop…! I really think this is the biggest reason why I have been sleeping terribly lately… I have been so very nervous and scared that I will end up living on the streets… This would be the worst thing in the world naturally, not least because I have invested all the $ I have in this completely crazy business venture…! So it better be running smoothly! Actually I have no interest in becoming a millionaire – that is not something I ever dreamed of! But I really hope that I will be able to survive… I do not want to hold a dayjob beside the business. We just wish to sell the new red elektronisk sigarett to all the people who is on the lookout for this!! Also because this makes me feel really good – being aware of that the new and recently improved e sigarett is so much better for the body…! So my business is not only a selfish project!